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Cinematographer and director Fernando Cardenas made his way to the USA from Bogota, Colombia at the ripe age of two, eventually settling in Los Angeles after a stint in 1980’s Philadelphia. After not graduating from art school, Fernando began working for THE DIRECTORS BUREAU/HKM where he met and worked with variety of innovative directors like Roman Coppola, Mike Mills and helped form the directing team AV Club. After he freelanced in camera and writing and creating treatments/visual reserach for various commerical and feature film directors at companies like HSI, Biscuit Filmworks, Smuggler & Supply & Demand.

Fernando moved on to Directing and DP projects for agencies like Weiden+Kennedy, WongDoody, Mother and 180 LA, branded content for H&M, Nike, Jan Sport and LD Tuttle Shoes, and music videos for a variety of top-tier labels. 
His cinematic vision and formidable head of hair soon caught the attention of TBWAMediArts Lab, who tapped him to Direct/Dp for their client and eventually to do their TV spots and web. One thing led to another, and to lensing projects for a slew of global clients including Apple, HP, Google, ESPN, Adidas, Facebook and Beats. He's currently represented for as a commerical director with Framestore Pictures.

Bio By Tita Poe